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  • URMASK formally supports the Revolution Against Putin [RAP]

    You are welcome to share any information here relating to:

    • Organizing and spreading the revolution against President Putin and Patriarch Kirill.

    To add an extra layer of safety, however, we strongly recommend that those of you who know each other already communicate via Private Messages instead of using our public forums.

    Please keep in mind that representatives for the Kremlin, FSB and the Russian Orthodox Church frequently attempt to hack user accounts. Putin and Kirill’s adversaries — Russian humanists, feminists, Atheists, Pagans, LGBTQ, artists, Communists and socialists — should be particularly careful not to share any personal data.

    The Revolution Against Putin and URMASK will never ask you for your phone number, real name, country or any other sensitive information.

    Likewise, URMASK does not know your IP address and can’t read your Private Messages.

    Support the Revolution Against Putin [RAP]:
    CONTACT: [email protected]
    NEWS: Deep Mink opens May 1, 2022
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