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  • Jun 21

  • UrMask TOS — the legally binding version [PART 1]

    UrMask Law@Law

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    You remain the owner of all your content forever! You grant, and you declare that you have the permissions necessary to grant, to UrMask a royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, sub-licensable, perpetual, transferable, global license to use, host, publicly display, copy, exerpt, translate, distribute, modify and publish your content without compensation on all media and platforms for any non-commercial or commercial purpose, advertising and promotion, including but not limited to sharing the World’s Most Kissed People list and Most Popular UrMask Posts on our Patreon and elsewhere, while allowing other users to share those lists and posts freely, and allowing news media and other platforms to embed and share your content in the ways that are common for social media companies. You agree to use the Platform at your sole risk, and you agree that UrMask will never be liable for (a) your content, or (b) for any consequence you or anyone else may incur as a result of using UrMask, or (c) for any content you may download from or upload to the Service. You agree that you will hold UrMask harmless from any costs, losses, damages and expenses, including attorney’s fees and costs, that may result from your or anybody else’s use of the Platform or from your content on the Platform or from your presence on the Platform, and you agree that UrMask does not make any guarantees as to deliver or not deliver any specific type of content or functionality. You agree that UrMask is not responsible for the actions or content of our users. You agree that unlike Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, UrMask does not censor world-class art, nor does it discriminate against women and nonbinaries or ban history’s most popular motif in the arts, the human body. You agree that unlike Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, UrMask does not allow death threats against religious minorities such as Pagans. You agree that UrMask in its sole discretion may promote some accounts, for instance by sharing, pinning or publishing their posts, or by producing, printing, exhibiting or otherwise publishing content like UrMask Gala Billboards™ that display their Profiles, and/or include their content in the upcoming movie Masked or Nude — Portrait of the 21st Century. The Movie! and/or by verifying or upgrading their accounts without notice and later downgrading or un-verifying those accounts again, or by other means at UrMask’s sole discretion. If content such as UrMask Gala Billboards or Movies are sold, which will only take place at widely published charity events, all proceeds from any such sales go directly to generally respected non-political charities such as UNICEF and Red Cross. You accept that, unlike Twitter and other far-right platforms, UrMask does not allow Nazi sites, piracy sites or incitement of violence, and unlike on Twitter these Terms of Service also applies to rich and powerful users, and you accept that UrMask’s interface blocks what we in our sole discretion deem to be hateful or false content, groups or individuals that in our sole opinion may lead to real-life danger; and you agree that UrMask in its sole discretion may temporarily or permamently suspend any account, free or paid, that in our sole view severely or repeatedly violates our TOS. You are aware that you should always hover over links from users you don’t know to see the link destination before you click or tap if this is possible on your device. You accept that UrMask’s data is stored in the United States and is subject to U.S. law. If you are in an area that defies U.S. federal law and legally disputes the rights of private companies to define and permanently remove what they in their sole opinion deem to be criminal or dangerous content, groups or individuals from private platforms, you agree not to use UrMask and you accept that UrMask may not be available in your area. 

    You agree that U.S. law and UrMask’s Terms of Service apply to all users without exception and that membership of, affiliation with or position in any political party, religious company, group, organization or government does not grant users any special rights on UrMask. You accept that politically or religiously active users do not have special rights to promote violence, hate, dangerous behavior, crime, insurrection or discrimination against anyone as a result of their views or beliefs.
    You agree that you have the permissions necessary to publish your content and to grant UrMask the non-exclusive rights to use that content as described above. You agree that we may on rare occasions send you administrative and informative emails. 
    You agree that UrMask’s TOS may be updated from time to time. Such updates will always be prominently announced on the Platform. Your use of UrMask after such announcements constitutes your continued acceptance of the updated TOS.

    The main purpose of this TOS is to bring back civilization after the Twitter and Facebook era and eradicate the systemic hate and violence that makes life dangerous for Black people, artists, reporters, nones, LGBTQs, Pagans, women and other persecuted groups.

    UrMask suspends any users who in our sole view severely or repeatedly violate our Terms of Service. On the Account suspended page, we may include a short description of our reason for suspension. For more transparency, we may archive what we see as the offending post(st) on Archive Org, but we will not publish those links by default as we don’t wish to promote bad actors. However, the Archive links will be available to the media on request when we believe it’s in the public interest.
    Important: If a user registers a major brand- or celebrity name, and we are forced to suspend the account for impersonation or other violations, the legitimate owner of the trademark can then ask
    Restore Brand Accounts@RestoreBrandAccounts

    to transfer the handle. Please note that we can only do this in rare cases, and you need to send your request from a UrMask account that is registered by your official brand email address.

    You agree that UrMask’s TOS apply to everyone on the Platform, including paying users and users that UrMask invites to special events such as UrMask Charity Gala. 

    If you are invited to UrMask Charity Gala, you agree that

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    may send you a private and public Invite. We will never publish your email address or any other private data.

    If you are invited to UrMask Charity Gala, you also agree that the Platform will cancel your Invite if you have not registered on UrMask by Oct 31 2022, and that canceled Invites can not be restored.

    UrMask is in public Beta until we reach 8-9,000 patrons and no guarantees of any kind are made or implied regarding functionality, uptime, bugs, moderation, features or anything else. We do our very best to fully replace Facebook and Twitter for everyone in the world as soon as possible, and users accelerate the process considerably by chipping in on Patreon. 

    UrMask may close accounts that have been inactive for more than 3 months.
    Exception: Users who buy GoldHandles™ are allowed to store their accounts like any other investment.

    You may register two personal and two commercial accounts. Users who exceed the allowed number of accounts are permanently suspended.


    URMASK TERMS OF SERVICE will be continued in other legally binding posts by
    UrMask Law@Law

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    UrMask Law@Law

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