• Jul 15 2021

  • Netflix, you shouldn't have :(

    Vatican Dolls@VaticanDolls

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    and I were just watching Bohemian Rhapsody on Jp Netflix when they suddenly played Sunshine of Your Love!

    And Dolly -- I SWEAR to the Goddess, he turned GREEN!

    I mean not because of the song, but read the caption:

    ["Smoke on the Water" plays]

    I'd screenshot but he'd prolly get slapped with all kinds of dmcas, and I can't bring myself to risk that right now.

    But this, I think, is the beginning of a much larger conversation:

    Why do we allow this creepy company to disrespect everything that's holy?

    I mean, "here's Michelangelo fucking van Gogh who composed Alla Turca at the age of 81."

    I'm gonna blow him or stuff if he's even up to it, but I don't know if it's going to be much of a consolation after this.


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    baby, I don't know how you guys are dealing with anything these days, but ... care to swing by, please?

    (Force FUCKING majeure! )